Gyula Krist?: Hungarian History in the Ninth Century

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This book was written as a result of a request from, and with the purpose to be published in, the United States. The manuscript has been read by Csan?d B?lint, Director of the Archaeological Institute of the Hung?ri?n Academy of Sciences, Professor Peter B. Golden of Rutgers University, and Professor Thomas S. Noonan of the University of Minnesota; I wish to express my thanks for their trouble and invaluable comments. The book, however, for reasons other than professional, was not to come out in the United States and is published now, in the form it was written in 1991, by the Szegedi K?z?pkor?sz M?hely [Szeged Medievalist Workshop], Since research on the book was closed and the manuscript itself completed in the spring of 1991, I have not bee able to use works published after that. This is als? the place where I want to thank my colleagues, Gy?rgy N?v?k, who translated the book, Edward Kelly, who read the translation, Ferenc Piti and Zsolt Hunyadi, who compiled the Index, and Tam?s D?vid, responsible for the technical execution of the book, for their cooperation.
Szeged, January 1996
Le?r?sISBN 9634821138
Kiad?: Szegedi K?z?pkor?sz M?hely
Megjelen?s: 1996
Nyelv: angol
Terjedelem: 332 oldal
M?ret: 165×240 mm
K?t?sm?d: karton?lt, ragaszt?k?t?tt 

Gyula Krist?


The appearance of the Hungarians in written sources7
The ethnogenesis of the Hungarian people19
Where were the Hungarians before 830 A.D.31
The Turkic loan-words of Hungarian and archaeology43
The names of the Hungarians57
The Hun tradition of the Hungarians71
The Hungarians’ departure from Magna Hungaria85
Chapter 38 of DAI and the Arabic sources97
Levedia and Levedi107
The Legend of the wondrous hind and archaeology119
Khazar?Hungarian relations129
The Kangar?Savard war139
The Qabars and Etelk?z149
?lmos and the sacral kingship159
On the eve of the Hungarian Conquest175
The Hungarian Conquest191
The region north of the Black Sea204
The Carpathian Basin and Its Neighbourhood205