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The 9th Conference of the Hungarian Society for the Study of English (January 23?25, 2009) was hosted by the Institute of English Studies at the Faculty of Humanities, University of P?cs. This conference was the first major event in the life of the new Institute that re-integrated three separate departments: the Department of English Linguistics, the Department of English Applied Linguistics and the Department of English Literatures and Cultures. Our institute was glad to host participants arriving from several countries, neighbouring and overseas.
The programme of the conference included ca. 200 papers presented in thematic sections in theoretical and applied linguistics, literature and cultural studies. Special roundtable discussions and workshops were devoted to topics as Australian studies, teaching English historical linguistics in the framework of Bologna curricula, translating 18th century English texts. An evening session was held for introducing new publications in English studies. The details of the 3-day programme of the conference can be read at
This volume includes 26 papers selected from those presented in theoretical and applied linguistics. These papers ? as suggested by the title of the volume ? represent a cross-section of the main themes discussed during the sessions at the conference. More specifically, out of the 26 papers four deal with the study of English from cognitive grammar perspectives, whereas six set out to present approaches to the structure of English based on different syntactic theories. Also six papers bring under scrutiny phenomena relating to English lexicology, and another six papers are devoted to instances of stylistic variation and register. Finally, theoretical and practical issues of teaching English as a foreign language are examined in four papers.


Selected papers in linguistics from the 9th HUSSE conference

Edited by Ir?n Heged?s and S?ndor Martsa

ISBN 9789636423230
Kiad?: Institute of English Studies Faculty of Humanities, University of P?cs
Megjelen?s: 2010
Nyelv: angol
Terjedelem: 318 oldal
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Table of contents

Part One: Cognitive approaches to the study of English
K?VECSES, Zolt?n
English and American studies from a cognitive science perspective3
GY?RI, G?bor
Universality and non-universality in basic level categorization15
D?VID, Gyula
A few source domains of metaphorical mapping in idiomatic language27
KOV?CS, ?va Investigating meronymy in English39
Part Two: Approaches to the structure of English
ADAM, Martin
Can a sentence be perspectived? On the dynamic-semantic scales within the framework of the Firbasian theory of Functional Sentence Perspective49
FARKAS, Imola-?gnes
On the definition of resultative constructions59
LACZK?, Tibor
Towards a lexicalist treatment of visible and invisible ?pro-nouns? in English and Hungarian noun phrases69
LACZK?, Tibor – Gy?rgy R?KOSI – ?goston T?TH
HUNGRAM VS. ENGGRAM IN PARGRAM: On the comparison of Hungarian and English in an international computational linguistics project81
NAGY, T?nde
On the non-finite complementation of ?cease?. A semantic approach97
R?KOSI, Gy?rgy
On the marking of coreference in English and Hungarian locative phrases105
Part Three: Lexicological studies of English
ANDOR, J?zsef
The near synonymy of adjectives of appreciation: A corpus-based, empirical study117
Distinguishing types of doublets in English133
MARTSA, S?ndor
?It?s worth a go.? Conversion nouns in English145
?RSI, Tibor
Semantic change of anglicisms in French159
FR??IL?, Loredana
Anglicisms in Romanian youth magazines169
P?RLOG, Hortensia
A minor (?) Romanian word and its English equivalents179
Part Four: Stylistic variation and register
BIBER, Douglas
Multi-dimensional patterns of variation among university registers191
CZEGL?DI, S?ndor
Problem, right or rhetoric? Language policy issues on the presidential candidates? agenda215
Explicitly on implicitation: Two tendencies in the use of experiential implicitation229
AJTONY, Zsuzsanna
The double face of the British stereotype: Humour, irony and conversational strategies in G. B. Shaw?s The Devil?s Disciple239
KILYENI, Annamaria
The tyranny of the image in print ads and the construction of femininity249
SILA?KI, Nade?da
Headlines and slogans in British women’s magazines: The role of figurative language in the persuasive genre257
Part Five: English in the context of teaching
Linguistics and language pedagogy: The natural connection269
DJUROVI?, Tatjana
The economist as a farmer and a craftsman: Business English metaphors revisited279
DOR?, Katalin
Meeting the language barrier: The experience of first-year students of English289
LAZOVI?, Vesna
Evaluation of English classes in secondary school299
ANDOR, J?zsef
What corpora can do, what you can do with corpora: An interview with Douglas Biber307